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I truly love that you put a status indicator below each post in the "suggestions" thread. It is so frustrating not knowing if your ideas have been noted and if they will be considered or passed - just not knowing anything at all.

Keep it up and thanks again!

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Thanks Keilana55 !

We will improve that soon so you can get notifications when something happen to a topic you are interested with, it's kinda the missing link right now where you have to come back yourself to check if there is something new...

Also, for anyone who read this, don't forget to vote for suggestions/bugs that matter to you, it helps us to prioritize our long todo list.

Have a good WE !

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Could you maybe post the to do list? I would love to see what you have planned. I am not sure if you want us to tell you what to do first, as I am sure we all have a very different opinion about it