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We patched Magelo Sync today to handle the 1.4.1 Hotfix #1 and at the same time, we introduced new features!

Character ranking

Find out how your character is ranked in Telara! The Ranking is by default ordered by achievement score and you can refine the list easily by server, level, guild,… and of course you can rank characters by any statistic you want.

New NPC loot table & Prices in Merchant sell table

You can now find out the items dropped by a given NPC such as Lord Greenscale for example, and which NPC drop a given item such as Шлем мирных видений for example!

The prices of items sold from merchants are also displayed in the database, as well as the currency needed. Check out Boularna sell table for example!

Those information are displayed not only on the database website pages but also on the Magelo tooltips that offer today the most detailed information possible for any Rift database link!

To give you a quick overview of the Magelo tooltips, let’s mouse over the followed links
Item: Пропитавшиеся кровью перчатки (with sources)
Яркая руна доблести (rune with restrictions and statistics)
Кристалл воина стихий Размолова (synergy crystal with statistics)
NPC: Джеррол Брехан (with location on mini-map)
Recipe: Превосходный флакон увеличения маны (with source and produced item in dual tooltip)
Zone: Мерцающие Пески (with mini-map)
Quest: Принять обет
Artifact: Бойцовский клуб: возвращение
Abilities: Огненный шар
Achievement: Исследователь пещер

Learn more about the Magelo tooltips and install them in your own website or blog now!

Contribute to the database!

The Magelo database is updated with the discoveries provided by Trion but not only that! You can contribute to improve the database running Magelo Sync when you play. Magelo Sync will update the database with the information you will provide, such as the items you drop, the items sell by a merchant you speak with,...

And there is no need to synchronize your character to send your data, Magelo Sync will do it automatically! You may be the one that contributes an important entry or update, which allows everyone to use a rich and up to date database.

Improved Item search

The item search is now much more detailed and powerful as you can specify a category, using the breadcrumb navigation, before applying some filters to deeply refine the results list. And to make things easier, the item categories are exactly the same you have in game with the auction house.

Example: Item enchantments that add “Hit” on my legs
From the window title, navigate from Items > Consumables > Item Enchantment
Then add the filter “Hit” and select the slot “Legs”
You can see instantly how much "Hit" each enchantment has, thanks to an extra column in the table!

You can also now browse Synergy Crystals with their statistics and see what is available per calling:
Warrior | Cleric | Mage | Rogue

Finally we added a red theme for the Profile that will match perfectly defiant or Warrior characters! Check out Jel for example.

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Loving it! Especially the work you guys did on the tooltips and how you can click through them. You hid a lot of information in there.