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I have synced my Magelo but it is not showing up on the website my character and its equipment or nothing, can you help me

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Welcome iiammartynx,

Your character has been correctly synchronized and you can find it in the My characters page, accessible from the top left menu of the site.

However, your profile don't display your character's equipment and soul builds. This is because you have a registered account, and at the moment only Premium member can fully sync their characters.

We are currently finalizing the option to add manually a character on Magelo, without a premium account, and it will be available this week.

Anyway, I still recommend you to get the 10 day free trial to fully sync your character right now and try out all the premium features available on the website

At the end of your trial, the manual edition will be available so you will be able to choose the method you wish to keep to update your characters.

Keep me posted if you need more help to get started on Magelo!


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The manual edition is now available

Simply go to the My characters page and click on the Edit link to provide all the information required about your character (identity, roles, equipment, planar attunement,…).

More info in the news