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I am trying to link your pages into our website for members to visit to get more details on certain items.

Not totally sure if it is intended or a bug:

The pages in which we have something in the search parameters for "slot" link nicely, but since we can't put "item enchantment" as a slot (although we can put it in the search window just above the "source" category, the link takes it back to the less refined search.

Could we possibly add "item enchantment" to the slot list so we can link a Magelo page with that more greater specification. Or maybe be able to filter out certain things in the search (for example, filter out recipes or filter out level ranges - so we can link a page for mana/help potions but not the recipes etc.).

Boy I hope that made sense. It did in my head.

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Hi Keilana,

The search box above the source column is not included into the state of the page right now, now that you mention it, it could be useful, same would go maybe for how you have ordered the table so you can link exactly what you have on your screen to someone else. It's an interesting idea

Now to go back on the item enchantment issue. The key is to leverage the breadcrumb as much as possible whenever you search for something. I hear you already, "The what ... ?". Honestly speaking it is right now more hidden that it should be but there is a menu that will appear on the "Items" title of the search that let you refine the item category your search will apply to. So from that, you navigate to "Consumables" and then inside, to "Item Enchantment".
> http://rift.magelo.com/en/items/150/Item-Enchantment

Depending on which category you are, the search can change its behavior and its default columns as well. For example, for item enchantment, the slot filter means where you can apply the item enchantment and an additional facet is appearing to let you see which item enchantment is permanent or temporary.