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Soul Tree Calculator/Builder for Rift
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Rift 2.6 Hotfixes #15 has been applied (NA @ 4/17/14 8:00 AM PDT || EU @ 4/17/14 1:00 AM GMT). You can find the Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

We are working on the update of Magelo Sync.

The PTS Soul Tree Calculator has been updated with the new souls coming soon with Rift 2.7.

Abilities: Arbiter | Physician | Oracle | Liberator

Please keep in mind that those data are from the PTS and as such, they are likely to change before anything goes live. Values (dmg/healing) are also reflecting only the base portion of it, they are not scaled with your character lvl/power.

Have fun!

Holiday special offer!
Dec 15, 2013

To celebrate the end of the year our holiday special offer is back! We are happy to give away 3 extra months to anyone who gets Premium for a year. It can be a renewing or a new subscription; in both cases you can enjoy our special offer until January 15 2014.

We wish you a fantastic holiday with your family and friends!