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Level : 60

Zone : Steppes of Infinity

Start : Nixtoc

End : Nixtoc

Choose one of these rewards :
 Axe of Retribution
 Blade of Retribution
 Sword of Retribution
 Tome of Retribution

Notoriety :
+600 Necropolis Caretakers

Money : 86 76

XP : 103194


Locate Detricus, betrayer of the Tk'ztk Architects, in The Infinity Gate and kill him.
  • Kill Detricus at the Infinity Gate


Your attack on the Infinity Holding Facility has roused the Storm Legion subjugators. They've summoned Detricus to recapture the Architects you freed. Detricus... He is the one who delivered my tribe to the Storm Legion. Please, kill him, [%Name] – I beg you!

Upon completion

Detricus gave his allegiance to the Storm Legion and betrayed the Tk'ztk all to become ruler of the hive. His death is well deserved. I will stay with these Caretakers and give them what help I can to defeat Crucia. It is tempting to drain these humans dry, but their Overseer has found nutrients that can sustain me, so I will control myself... for now.