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Field Medicine

Level : 53

Zone : Eastern Holdings

Start : Captain Shane Hawkins

End : Captain Shane Hawkins

Choose one of these rewards :
 Brevanic Estate Greataxe
 Brevanic Orator's Staff
 Brevanic Priest's Club
 Brevanic Ranger's Hatchet

Notoriety :
+735 Eternal City Survivors

Money : 90 62

XP : 121348

Field Medicine

Find Potential Splints, Mutant Duskglories and Thrasher Venom in order to create a splint for Captain Hawkins.


My leg wound is worse than I feared. I can't simply bind it and go; I'll need a splint if I'm going to walk. The jungle surely has what you need - vines, sticks and the like. Go hunting for some materials, and hurry! I've been hearing some odd noises in the bushes...

Upon completion

No time to lose! Set the splint quickly!