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Stalking Prey

Level : 33

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Nicolai Vanya

End : Nicolai Vanya

Notoriety :
+5000 Red Scar Trackers

Money : 19 87

XP : 4440

Stalking Prey

Nicolai Vanya challenges you to collect Perspice Hunting Tokens by completing the hunts in Scarwood Reach. Talk to the hunters in Perspice for more information.


Think you have the skill to survive my challenges? The wilderness is full of creatures of interest. Kill one, collect its trophy, and turn it in to the judge in town for a Perspice Hunting Token. Collect enough tokens, and I may have to think twice about you. If you need help, the hunters in town can provide some useful information. Now get on with you!

Upon completion

Ha! I can barely believe it - you've proved me wrong! Of course, this is just the beginning, friend. If you want to stand in the Hall of Heroes, you have a long road ahead.