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Forge the Titanbane

Level : 26

Zone : Stonefield

Notoriety :
+300 Granite Falls

Money : 9 83

XP : 2700

Forge the Titanbane

To defeat Centius the titan, you must forge a powerful weapon known as the Titanbane. Gather the necessary materials, then forge the weapon in Meridian with the help of Sylver Valis.
  • Complete the quest Quarrying the Quarry
  • Complete the quest Fatal Distraction
  • Complete the quest Stealing Glory
  • Complete the quest Sylver Bullet
  • Complete the quest Titanbane


The only way we'll be able to defeat Centius is the Titanbane - an ancient weapon used by the Ethian Empire. It will not be an easy task, [%NAME]. We'll help you find the materials, but only an Ascended like you has the strength to acquire them.

Upon completion

Now that we have the Titanbane, we'll just need to load it into one of our cannons and blast Centius right back to where he came from!