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Thunder Snow

Level : 28

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Pelan Bravilin

End : Sentinel Bovich

Choose one of these rewards :
 Insulated Greaves
 Fur-lined Boots
 Oiled-leather Boots
 Scaled Cleats of the Icewatch
 Spiked Icewalkers

Notoriety :
+750 Icewatch

Money : 17 88

XP : 5760

Thunder Snow

Pelan Bravilin asks that you rescue the avalanche victims stranded in Frozen Valley.
  • Dig through the Snow Piles to rescue the avalanche victims
  • Update Sentinel Bovich on the rescue efforts
  • Speak with Sentinel Nightbane
  • Defuse the Bombs


Please, [%class], if you want to help solve real crises, we need your aid. A caravan taking supplies to Whitefall was just swept away by an avalanche. The survivors are stuck in Frozen Valley, and if they cannot be rescued, they'll be food for beasts.

Upon completion

Thank you, [%NAME]. The Icewatch and the people of Pilgrim's Crossing both owe you huge debt of gratitude!