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Forge the Titanbane

Level : 26

Zone : Stonefield

Start : Ulan Hamda

End : Ulan Hamda

Choose one of these rewards :
 Spiritual Cape
 Pestilence Shawl
 Deadly Caretaker's Shroud
 Champion's Cloak

Notoriety :
+400 Granite Falls

Money : 13 11

XP : 3600

Forge the Titanbane

Collect the Ethian iron relics in The Last Valley.


The only way we'll be able to defeat Centius is the Titanbane - an ancient weapon used by the Ethian Empire. It will not be an easy task, [%NAME]. We'll help you find the materials, but only an Ascended like you has the strength to acquire them. First, the Titanbane will need Ethian iron, which can be found in a nearby Ethian temple guarded by the largest elementals I've ever seen.

Upon completion

Good - you have the idols from the Ethian temple. They're made of pure Ethian iron, which we'll need to forge the base of the Titanbane. I only hope we can get this done before Centius gathers his forces against us.