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Cast Back to the Shadows

Level : 48

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Lynda Seves

End : Lynda Seves

Choose one of these rewards :
 Coif of Unrelenting Death
 Cap of the Death Caller
 Mask of Death's Shadow
 Visage of Death Incarnate
 Death Defeater's Helm

Notoriety :
+1000 Order of Mathos

Money : 46 78

XP : 9360

Cast Back to the Shadows

Lynda Seves wants you to destroy the rift demon at the center of the Eye of Regulos.
  • Stop Alsbeth's Ritual in the Eye of Regulos


The Endless Court work tirelessly to tear open the rift in the Eye of Regulos, so certain are they that this will shatter the Ward. We must work even harder to close it. I'm counting on your talent for destruction to bring this conflict to a quick and decisive ending, [%NAME].

Upon completion

Closing that rift should put Alsbeth and her lackeys back on their heels. We must take advantage of this opportunity! The Order of Mathos is planning an assault on the Endless Citadel itself. The Defiants must fight alongside them if we are to acquire the Eth technology hidden behind the Citadel's walls.