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The Ogres' Prize

Level : 43

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Thamber Barklynn

End : Thamber Barklynn

Money : 23 93

XP : 4230

The Ogres' Prize

Thamber Barklynn has asked you to recover the Uncut Gemstones she lost to the ogres in Jeweled Heights.


This region is where the Eth Empire sank into the sands, and now the dragon cults fight over their remains. We normal people just want to get our product to market, but we end up right in the middle. When they attacked the caravan, the Golden Maw and their ogre brutes took my entire haul. I might be ruined unless I can get some of my stock back. Could you help me out, [%class]?

Upon completion

Ah, you've found them! My fortune is restored. I owe a lot to you, [%Name]. Thank you for your bravery and kindness. Next time I'm going to ship my product via boat directly to Fortune's Shore. No roads are safe from the dragon cults.