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The Queen's Prize

Level : 42

Zone : Droughtlands

Start : Suraph the Pyremage

End : Suraph the Pyremage

Choose one of these rewards :
 Survivor's Waistband
 Pyremage's Belt
 Raider's Sash
 Enforcer's Belt

Notoriety :
+300 Arcane Hand

Money : 22 94

XP : 4140

The Queen's Prize

Suraph the Pyremage wants you to collect the Stone Emanator from the ant colony in Mordant Warrens, west of Fallback.


Records indicate the existence of a Stone Emanator that Eth tore from the Plane of Earth. We believe this relic is located in the Mordant Warrens, and is likely the cause of the giant ants that infest the region. We must capture it before the Stormbrood does!

Upon completion

I knew I could depend on you to retrieve the Stone Emanator! Now I must study it carefully. We have seen its effect upon the ants, which have an affinity with the Earth Plane. Who knows what it might do to other species?