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Wife Tracker

Level : 29

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Jorge Neralis

End : Jorge Neralis

Choose one of these rewards :
 Crag Cleaver
 Howling Fangblade
 Monastic Hammer
 Stormstirrer's Rod

Notoriety :
+300 Icewatch

Money : 11 88

XP : 2970

Wife Tracker

Jorge Neralis asks that you discover the fate of his wife Azelia in Mage's Mark.
  • Discover the fate of the Whitefall wives


So the other wives simply walked out of their homes never to be seen again? This just doesn't make sense, [%NAME]. Please, find my wife Azelia and bring her home.

Upon completion

Azelia is dead? Why is this happening, [%NAME]?! Who would want to murder our wives? My Azelia... my love... why did you have to die?