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The Hand of the Deep

Level : 38

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Brother Damon

End : Brother Damon

Money : 19 16

XP : 3780

The Hand of the Deep

Brother Damon wants you to desecrate the altar known as the Steps of Akylios in Kelpmere to incite and kill the Hand of the Deep.


In Meridian, I read reports about the Abyssal cult. One referred to creature called Hand of the Deep, used primarily to guard their important assets. I imagine that the protection of stolen technology would be another possible use for this sentry of water. How unfortunate for them.

Upon completion

Akylios may yet sleep, but you certainly roused his Hand! The Abyssal have surely been dealt a painful blow with the death of one of their sentries. Good work, [%NAME].