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Durnes the Ranger

Level : 36

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Cardinal Fiach

End : Cardinal Fiach

Durnes the Ranger

Cardinal Fiach wants you to seek out the spirit of Durnes, the first ranger who hunted Greenscale. Find her spirit in Scarwood Reach and come to a concord with her.


The Blade of Light that slew Greenscale has helped us immensely in preparing wards and spells of protection against the faer invaders as well as House Aelfwar. The Tribunal has decided that uncovering the remains of these brave heroes of ages past is essential to slaying the great green wyrm. The spirit of Durnes has recently been reclaimed by the Ascended, and it now roams the wastes of Scarwood. Find her and survive whatever test she presents.

Upon completion

Durnes was wise as she was skilled. This artifact that she kept safe even beyond death was a key to unleashing the power of Greenscale. From what we learned about his prison, these early heroes only had the power to imprison the green god. Let us hope that Ascended of the Vigil have the power to put him down for good when the time comes.