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A Snake in Sanctum

Level : 20

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Abbott Germet

End : Cardinal Fiach
Money : 8 40

XP : 2880

A Snake in Sanctum

Abbott Germet wants you to assist in the interrogation of Cealhaidh the Corruptor and force him back into his true form whenever he changes form.


Cealhaidh is a shape shifter, and will try to use that to his advantage to escape. While it is impossible for him to escape this chamber; we won't be able to get the truth unless he is in his true form. When he changes into other visages, we will need you to force him back or we will have to imprison him again. When we are done you should inform the Tribunal. The ritual is prepared, [%NAME]. Are you?

Upon completion

The fae creatures have long desired to unseat the elves, the very first of the mortals, and those that were the favored of the gods. It now appears that with the coming of the Ascended, the greatest among us was the first to fall. Hylas's envy and anger gave the court of Twyl the means to corrupt the incorruptible. Now we must determine if Hylas and his house are beyond redemption. Can we save our former allies, or must the redemption of Telara begin with a purge of our brethren?