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Of Arcane Influence

Level : 39

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Uriel Chuluun

End : Uriel Chuluun

 Basic Healing Potion

Money : 20 7

XP : 3870

Of Arcane Influence

Uriel Chuluun wants you to use the kit she gave you to place scanners around Molinar Crossing, northeast of Stonemason's Watch, to track any tidetouched magic being used in the area.
  • Place Defiant Scanners


The Abyssal will scour Molinar Crossing for anything salvageable. Tracking their activity will show us the best approach to catch them when they least expect it. I've built scanning devices from the tidetouched tech you recovered at Kelpmere. Would you place them around Molinar Crossing for me?

Upon completion

The readings are already coming in, [%NAME]. I think this is going to work quite nicely. Very soon we will know exactly where and when we are likely to find the Abyssal at Molinar Crossing.