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One Dwarf's Dream

Level : 40

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Captain Haghen

End : Captain Haghen

Money : 21

XP : 3960

One Dwarf's Dream

Captain Haghen has asked you to invite people to Scotty's induction ceremony who have helped him on his journey. Speak to Kelnin Malm at Sunken Marsh, Jerome Drift at Quicksilver College, Sasha Nikadon at The Sagespire, and Hartigan at Three Springs.
  • Invite Kelnin Malm in Silverwood
  • Invite Jerome Drift in Silverwood
  • Invite Sasha Nikadon in Scarwood
  • Invite Hartigan in Moonshade


Given the bravery that Scotty has shown in recent days and his esteemed lineage, we have decided to induct him into our ranks officially. Because of his father's legacy, we are going to hold a special ceremony in Sanctum for him. I want to make sure that those people who helped him along the way have a chance to attend.

Upon completion

They all said they would come? Excellent, [%NAME]. While you were gone I sent a letter to Sanctum so they could make preparations as well. Everything is prepared.