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One of the things that I really wish I could do in Rift is preview items like you can with armor and weapons, so that you can see what they look like before binding them or going out hunting for them. An example would be companions. There is no way to know what they look like unless someone who owns it has posted a screenshot.

Would it be possible to allow image uploads in the comments section of the database for each item? Maybe limit the image size to save space?

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Hi ujaya,

Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for your support in Magelo. Support for screenshots is pretty high in our TODO list and should be available fairly soon !

Have a good WE !

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You can now add screenshots on anything from the database.
Few samples already live: Gil, Seelenscheiterhaufen or even Schließt diese Risse.

We also added a new Screenshots section on the left menu of the site to see the latest screenshots added.

So don't hesitate to add your own screenshots to the database!
Your contribution can be helpful for other players