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I just synched both my toons and nothing show up in the profile of each gear, no stats etc...

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Hi Celestialmagic,

As you have a registered account, Magelo Sync synchronizes only your character's identity, guild information and recipes. You need to have a Premium account to automatically fully sync your character.

First, you can use our 10-day free trial to try out all the Premium features right now including the full auto sync.

Then, you can decide to keep the Premium features and show your support to Magelo getting Premium, or you still have the option to manually update your characters. In this case, for each of your character, you will need to click on the "Edit link" in "My characters" page and provide all the information required (identity, roles, equipment, planar attunement,…).

The full auto sync stays the easiest method to update your characters but we wanted to provide another option to let anyone enjoy the tools we develop.