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You can now use Magelo Sync to find more information about your environment while you are playing. As soon as Magelo Sync detects your character in the game, you will be able to access in real time the Magelo database and particularly the zone where you are, your current target and your quests.

No need to open a browser any more, go to the website, search for a zone,… These shortcuts offer you a fast access to the Magelo database!

The Zone link can help you easily find the location of a merchant in a zone you just arrive, such as Sturmbucht, see the list of artifacts available here for you to collect, view the quest hubs you didn’t yet discover on a map,…

The Target link can be interesting when you bump into a Npc you never see before and you want to know if he has rare loot, if he is involve in a quest or an achievement.

Finally, those shortcuts give you also the opportunity to read the comments posted on the website, and easily add your own, which can be particularly useful for quests.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback! Feel free to stop by in the forum and share your opinion. Thanks!