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I would like share my recipes with my guildies.
The current problem, any link will only work, if guildie have magelo account and synced to guild it.
I would like a working link without logged into magelo or atleast able to export my recipes with magelo link, so i can use it to build my own homepage.

Sincerelly topiland


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Hi topiland,

Thanks for bringing this topic back, it's definitely something we should had tackled sometime ago...
I will implement that very soon and I want to keep it simple and friendly on the way you can share your recipes.

I am envisioning something like that:
I don't think it matters if your recipes are public but would definitely like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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Personally i want it be public, but agree some ppl may dont want it.
Maybe a option in your settings its public or hidden.
If public the page become visible sample what you posted, if set to hidden work as now ppl can see only through guild recipes.
In public way i would like work as character link too, and no registration required.

Personally for me this is the most wanted and usefull thing, what i missing.
I was renew my premium account only for upload the recipes.
I have all profession all at 375, and would make my life easier if they can see trough a link, what i have and i not need remember evrything or log trough characters and link my recipes.