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If I remember correctly you had a feature in search engine earlier – I could choose my character and search for upgrades. I would like to see this feature again in the next way. I choose my character and define weights for score calculation, then hit search button. If item has score more than score of my item in the same slot then it should be shown in results.

Also it would be very helpful if you will allow to export search results. I could import them, for example, into Microsoft Access database, make additional analysis, make some notes and make good looking reports (upgrades for me, items on which I have to bid, importance of upgrades by slots etc) and print them. I have all of those reports already in Microsoft Access database. The only problem is how to export data from search results on your site into my database. If do it manually it takes a lot of time.


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Hi Bjorg,

We had a gear planner on our WoW channel. We do plan to get one for Rift as well that would do what you are looking for. So it's on our Todo list. Will keep you posted as soon as we start working on it.