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was wondering any plans to make 64bit compatable since 90% of comps are now 64bit

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Magelo Sync is currently compatible with Windows 64 bit. So are you referring to a game client running in 64 bit?

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Gesendet: 06.09.13, 19:04

Was giving me a not compatible error but I figured it out and works good now

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Great to hear !

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what did you do or change, so in case anyone else has that problem

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If you install Magelo Sync on a 64-bit computer, by default, it will place the 64-bit version of the shortcut on your desktop. This shortcut requires 64-bit Java to be installed.

Most people with 64-bit computers still run 32-bit Java because that's what they run their browsers in. There are two possible solutions:

1) Right-click on the MageloSync shortcut and choose "Open File Location". This will open the folder where Magelo was installed. You'll see two .exe files there, one for MageloSync and one for MageloSync64. Right-click and drag the MageloSync.exe file to your desktop and choose Create Shortcuts Here. Now you have the 32-bit shortcut on your desktop. Use this and it will work with the 32-bit Java you probably have installed already even though your computer is 64-bit.

2) Install the 64-bit Java RE from Now MageloSync64 should work fine.