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Roles are no longer limited to 6. I believe the max is 20 now. Any chance we could get a little [Add] button to add more roles if we have them? Also, a button to copy equipment between the roles would be nice too especially for mages who have 1 basic set of gear with only a few slight trinket changes or that kind of thing between roles.

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Hi fiernaq,

We don't plan to add an option to manually manage more than 6 roles at the moment. Even thought you can have up to 20 in the game, we believe 6 roles already cover most of players needs.

The only way to update all your roles is to get Premium and use Magelo Sync. We actually recently talk about how to simplify the synchronization of roles system. At the moment you need to select a role in game and then sync it and repeat the process for each of your role. We would like to automatically sync all your roles in one pass. Just one sync and this is done. We still need to think about this but that would make things more simple for our users who use Magelo Sync to update their characters.

We will keep you posted!