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I noticed that you guys haven't updated the Character pages to reflect NMT Equipment. You know, after 2 months, I thought it was ok, but as this 3rd month is almost finished, I'm wondering why you can't just update that? I love what you guys have done, but I'm afraid to check the WoW side of Magelo to see if you guys have updated that set. Is there a date you guys are shooting towards for updating character sheets? (Obviously I'm talking about Earrings and moving the weapons/offhands)
Don't get me wrong, I understand it takes time. Its just that I see that the items are there, but the slots aren't. Just like anyone else having a good time using Magelo Sync and showing off their stats, we just want to show what we actually have, instead of missing pieces. (Unless I missed an option to allow that layout. For good posture, i'll link my Character. (Role 6 for NTE Gear)

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Hi antretha,

You ask and we shall deliver Profiles have been updated to reflect new earing slots and new equipment slot layout. Next are the masteries.