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Howdy again,

I like your site and what your team offers, but your "latest news" front page column, as far as Rift is concerned, is very much out of date. Unless your team plans on regularly updating it with every patch/hotfix you should just delete it because it makes your website seem out of date. Your last update to it was Feb 2nd and a lot has changed since then. I suggest you replace it with the date you last updated the Magelo Sync app or other relevant Rift news. If you haven't noticed has captured all the latest Rift related news and they do daily updates. Perhaps a partnership is in order to make both sites better.


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Hi BigTerj,

Sorry about that. We used to post an announcement for each hotfix giving the status on Magelo Sync, but lately we missed few posts so this is why our news page look outdated.

FYI we only keep the latest hotfix at the top of the news page and archive the previous ones in the "Magelo Sync status forum" to avoid spamming our news page with hotfix news only.

Be sure we will be more careful to keep this news page up to date in the future.
Thanks for your message!