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The Magelo story started 16 years ago and today, we are still the same behind our computers, well a little bit older, patching Magelo Sync for the millionth time, fixing another bug and doing our best to keep going. We were one of the first fansite for Rift and after 5 years, we are still here!

We devoted a lot of time to build and maintain Magelo and we never counted the hours, even during week-ends or holidays. It’s simply a joy to build a project like that, especially for us who are also a couple in life. We work hand in hand since many years and it’s amazing to share this project together. We are very proud of what we have done so far. It’s our first baby (we just had a little girl. She is just 3 months old and who knows, she may also love online games one day).

Anyway, Magelo is in our life since forever and we want to keep it that way. Year after year it becomes more challenging to do so, so more than ever we need your help. As you may know, Magelo is only financed by our premium members. No ads, no partnership whatsoever,… only you. With the special offer we are running for the holidays, it costs less than 2$ per month to get Premium. It is the best time of the year to show your support to Magelo, so we count on you! Thank you.

We wish you all a happy holiday.

Loulina and Jelan

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When will Magelo Sync support Windows 10 & JRE 8 64 Bit? I am not interested in subscribing until you have a working product.

Last Magelo Sync Patch appears to have been back in 2013 to support Java JRE 7


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Hi wakk,

Looks like we missed to get back to you but you seemed to have answered your own questions since then. Just to clarify for other readers, we do support windows 10 and JRE 8 64bit.