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I've been paying for Magelo for quite some time and it's rare that it is current and working.

Actually can't remember the last time it worked as it always says "rift.exe has been patched, Magelo Sync will be updated soon to support this version".

If what I'm finding on the site here is current, then Magelo is 4 revisions behind at the moment. A refund or getting current so the product is usable seems reasonable to me. Frankly rather you get current

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Hi huzbub,

Apologize for this, last month has been a bit hectic and we ended up patching Rift always late however we have granted extra time to compensate for the extra downtime each time. We just recently finally completed our migration and also granted 10 extra days.

Magelo Sync has been patched for Rift 3.7.22 and now that the migration is over, we will be diligent about our weekly update for Rift which will happen on time.