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Would it be possible to upgrade the Item Database for RIFT to show possible upgrades for each piece of gear currently equipped on your character? I would assume this would work out best as a premium feature for those people with characters already on the site.

What I would love to see is this:

I play primarily a tank. Now, the formulas for calculating EHP (Effective HP) are fairly well documented in RIFT, taking into account block, parry, dodge rates as well as armor and block mitigation percentages. To be able to pull up my current EHP as well as a list of what armor would increase it and to what would be incredible.

In addition, this could work for DPS. Rather than calculating an EHP, it would calculate the total AP (Attack Power) and Crit on your current gear and allow you to set a weighting for each stat, then show gear that are upgrades based on your rating.

I realize this would require fairly significant coding but I know it's doable with the database information that Magelo has already. I hope you consider adding this!

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Whoops, I meant to hit "reply", but hit "like" instead.

I enjoy comparing the output between possible upgrades myself as part of the game for me, but I am sure that some would use something like that.

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Hi Tordana,

That is definitely planned and will be similar to the gear planner feature we have on our WoW channel. First step for us is the manual creation/edition of character/profile then the gear planner.

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Was going to make a new post but search is my friend, amirite? This would be my most desired feature (for Rift).

P.S. Nice to see this site still going Jelan! Took a break for a while but I remember updating gear for EQ. Wasn't the keychain just a bear to get working with all the Veeshan's Peak stuff etc.?

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I was just looking for this on the site, or something I could use like it. Any ideas when this may be implemented?