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New Chronicle, UI and Itemization Changes Hit Public Test

Today, Patch 1.7 was released for Public Testing, and we were able to test some of the new changes. Here's our preview of just some of the awesome features and content to come.

The first changes I noticed upon entering the Public Test Shard were user interface changes. On the overall, the interface was a lot more smooth than I am accustomed. City movement, zone loading and map loading were all vastly improved and the movie recorder took up a lot less overhead than before. Also, Trion added a minimap marker to show a player's target. These show up as a green circle if your target is friendly and red for hostile targets.

River of Souls: Chains of Death

This patch also brings a new Chronicle called River of Souls: Chains of Death. Here, you masquerade as an endless cultist, and gather power Plutonus needs to calibrate his Soul Cipher. This Chronicle is designed for freshly-minted level 50's as a duo dungeon. But since I am a big fan of solo'ing content, I brought a necro/lock mage in full HK gear.

I found this Chronicle brought slightly more challenge than its predecessors. While definitely still solo-able for a fully raid-geared player, success didn't come free. Pulls had to be carefully planned as the aggro radius is much larger than out in the world, and over-pulling trash is quite easy here. Bosses still used visual indicators to mark the impact of their abilities to educate new 50's in raid mechanics, just as in the other chronicles.

I won't spoil the whole storyline for you, but there were definitely enough noticeable changes from the original raid version to keep just about anyone interested. To summarize, this is definitely alot more than a copy and paste adventure and I found it both fun and refreshing. With innovative choices in trash mob location and boss abilities, I found that this instance made me work to earn it despite being as overpowered as my class is in PvE.

Speaking of classes, there was a soul point reset for my Chloromancer and Stormcaller specs. With the documented changes that have been made to itemization, I noticed that my character saw a minor spell power downgrade, while other stats went up to make up for it.

Check here for more information on the Public Test patch notes. Please note that all of these changes are in testing and are subject to change before going live. There is definitely alot more to cover in this rather sizable patch, but these are some of the early highlights. We will work hard to bring you further news, previews and updates as they are available.