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Magelo is an independent project that survives thanks to your support. We are not affiliated to a group and we don’t use Ads to finance our development. We are just few devoted and passionate people working from home and doing our best to build a great website. If you like what we do, the best way to help us keep going is to get Premium. You will help maintain the features you love and you will access advanced tools. Thank you for your support!
Full Character Sync
Fully synchronize your characters in one click with Magelo Sync to add them on your Magelo account and update them whenever you want.
Guild Bank
View the bank of your guild and let others guildmates see it. Only 1 Premium in the guild is needed to unlock this feature.
Profiles Customization
Highlight your character profiles with many customisation options (background image, color theme, music, opacity).
Inventory Tool
Get the full picture of all the items contained in your bags and bank outside the game.
Media Hosting
Store up to 50 mb of images and music to customize easily your Magelo profiles, avatars and signatures!
Collectibles Tool
Easily keep track of your collectibles! Browse your mounts, pets, recipes, artifacts and achievements.
Unique Premium Emblem
Get premium recognition with a unique emblem across all game channels.
Your subscription will let you access Premium features on Eq, Rift and any future game channels.
Dedicated Tech Support
Resolve your issue quickly with our dedicated team!