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As the Planarch Commands

Level : 52

Zone : Tempest Bay

Start : Unknown

End : Korvin Anders

Notoriety :
+1250 Torvan Hunters

Money : 37 2

XP : 29341

As the Planarch Commands

You've collected an Infused Planarch Glyph from a Hunt rift. Better take it to Korvin Anders in Tempest Bay.


The Infused Planarch Glyph pulses with a strange energy. A deep, menacing voice seems to echo from the inscriptions, but in a language far too ancient to be understood. Two words are unmistakable, however: "Torvan Hunters."

Upon completion

Interesting find, Ascended. We've seen these before. Powerful planar commanders, known as Planarchs, imbue them with their thoughts and distribute them through the rifts. A planar minion has but to touch the Glyph and it will instantly know its master's will. You've done well bringing this to me.