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Architects of Destruction

Level : 51

Zone : Kingdom of Pelladane

Start : Captain Connor Gilliosa

End : Captain Connor Gilliosa

Choose one of these rewards :
 Artifex's Mantle
 Sun Scholar's Mantle
 Naval Shoulderpads
 Marine Pauldrons

Notoriety :
+750 The Lycini

Money : 87 10

XP : 111793

Architects of Destruction

Captain Connor Gilliosa wants you find the missing soldiers in the Quarry of the Architects and disrupt their operations.


Know what an Architect is? No it's not some guy that builds a house. It's a giant, super-intelligent bug from the Plane of Earth. They make the most intricate stone carvings of unsurpassed beauty. They also like to drink mortal spinal fluid for breakfast. Recently they have been carving something odd in the quarry. It looks like a piece of the mythical Infinity Gate, the portal to the planes. I sent a patrol to find out but they never returned. Find my soldiers, and stop those bugs.

Upon completion

Was that actually a part of the Infinity Gate? Or did it just look like something out of mythology? Well art project, or super-science component, blowing it up set back that enemy, so I'll count it as a win.