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Law of Consequences

Level : 56

Zone : Eastern Holdings

Start : Nuetta

End : Diago Arkella

Choose one of these rewards :
 Veriless' Spare Boots
 Footpads of the Stealthy
 Tabis of the Unseen
 Arkella Captain's Sabatons

Notoriety :
+735 Eternal City Survivors

Money : 96 18

XP : 135681

Law of Consequences

Dreamshift into Captain Veriless in Diago Arkella's dream and confront Diago.
  • Travel to City Watch Headquarters
  • Take the guise of Captain Veriless using Dreamshift
  • Speak to Diago Arkella
  • Try to convince Diago Arkella to stop covering up his son's murders


His will is strong. Clearly you must kick the foundation out from under it. The local sheriff, Captain Veriless, took Diago's money and helped him keep the depravities quiet. If his support base deserted him, that would no doubt be a crushing blow.

Upon completion

Veriless, even you speak against my son? After all that has passed between us? I must think on this...