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The Last Command

Level : 35

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Sir Isaak Kazimir

End : Marshal Kain

Choose one of these rewards :
 Coif of the Five Wards
 Cowl of the Spire Sages
 Studded Hood of the Fist
 Warhelm of the Manticore
 Barbute of the Vigilant

You will also receive :
 Letter of Commendation

Money : 6 62

XP : 1170

The Last Command

Sir Isaak Kazimir asks that you travel to Kain's Command and speak with Marshal Kain.


Marshal Kain told me that Sanctum is sending a cadre of specialists to purify Mariel-Taun's Shrine. Unfortunately, the Marshal had to return immediately to the command camp, but he requested your company as soon as you were sufficiently recovered. He is a hard man to impress. It is a rare honor that he does you, [%NAME].

Upon completion

Ah, [%NAME], there you are. You have done well here, and are to be congratulated. It is a shame the last shrine was damaged before we could secure it, but the important thing is that we have it now. Doctor Visek's evil has been stopped and you have brought honor to the Vigil. The Order has its eye on you, and their expectations are high. Do not fail in your duty, [%lad_lass] - I shall be watching you as well.