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In the Beginning

Level : 65

Zone : Tarken Glacier

Start : Orphiel Farwind

End : Unknown

 Orphiel Farwind

Notoriety :
+200 Pelagic Order

Money : 1 30 57

XP : 274890

In the Beginning

To unravel the mystery of Lord Arak, journey to old Mathosia and confront the Aspect of Genesis.
  • Enter the Portal to Old Mathosia
  • Kill Deathbound enemies
  • Close The Tyrant Rift
  • Confront the Aspect of Genesis
  • Collect the Genesis Core from the Aspect
  • Enter the Portal to Stillmoor
  • Listen to Orphiel Farwind in the Eye of Regulos


I'm sorry for the wild goose chase in Port Scion, but this time I'm certain I have located the final Aspect. It was a little farther back in time, right before Aedraxis was defeated by Borrin and his cronies. Let us make a final journey through time to see what this Aspect finds so intriguing.

Upon completion

Orphiel is gone, but the Core Satchel still contains the essence of the Aspects the two of you have defeated.