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Aura Augmentation

Level : 7

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Da Vidmoore

End : Da Vidmoore

 Planar Charge

Notoriety :
+100 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 1 25

XP : 990

Aura Augmentation

Da Vidmoore would like you to use a Planar Charge to augment your aura with Fury of the Ascended.
  • Use Planar Charge to Cast Fury of the Ascended


You can use Planar Charges to cast your innate Fury of the Ascended ability. This Ascended Power will help you in your fight against planar invaders. Use the ability on yourself, and discover how potent you have become in the fight against the invaders.

Upon completion

You are a marvel of creation, [%NAME]! With Fury of the Ascended, planar invaders don't stand a chance.