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Unending Waves

Level : 15

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Alys White

End : Alys White


Unending Waves

Kill Living Oceans around Trawling Post to release Living Waters, then use the Band of Tidal Sway to capture them. Once enough are captured, fill the Hydrotech Vessel.
  • Kill Living Oceans
  • Entrap Living Water with the Band of Tidal Sway [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Fill the Hydrotech Vessel


Jakub's forces have put Smith's Haven to the torch! The nearby elementals are imbued with magic from the Plane of Water. If we can bind them with this Band of Tidal Sway, we can use this magic to douse the town.

Upon completion

It was a complicated procedure, but you did admirably, [%Name]. The Living Waters you captured may allow us to keep Smith's Haven from burning to the ground.