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An Unbearable Burden

Level : 42

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Sentinel Enthea

End : Unknown

Money : 22 94

XP : 4140

An Unbearable Burden

Sentinel Enthea asks you to collect the Powerful Remnant of Aedraxis from the Redsnow Courier and destroy it at the forge in The Chancel of Labors.


The Redsnow Courier is using Pilgrim's Trail to smuggle the Powerful Remnant of Aedraxis, but this Remnant is radiating evil and corruption. It must be destroyed as quickly as possible, lest it bring doom upon us all! The Chancel of Labors is nearby, and our forge was built specifically to consume such dark powers. You must get the Remnant there before its malevolent energy consumes you!

Upon completion

The forge is rocked by a small explosion as the Remnant is consumed, and the fires take on an evil cast before quickly fading to warmer tones.