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Dormant Power

Level : 20

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Niall Adnar

End : Brougan Grote

Choose one of these rewards :
 Boots of the Chosen
 Slippers of the Chosen
 Footpads of the Chosen
 Sabatons of the Chosen

Money : 4 20

XP : 1440

Dormant Power

Niall Adnar wants you to remove the Dormant Faetouched Seed from the Neutralizing Cauldron and deliver it to Brougan Grote in Argent Glade.


Thanks to you, Prince Hylas can no longer hurt us. Now, this seed, this gift of Twyl's, must be cleansed and guarded to prevent others from abusing its powers. I've submerged the seed in the holy water to my left. Fetch it and take it to Brougan for safeguarding.

Upon completion

Word of your victory over Kongeegon has spread across Silverwood - Hylas will not recover for some time. I will take this seed and ensure nobody abuses this terrible weapon ever again. Wherever your travels take you, [%NAME], you will always have a home in Argent Glade.