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Cracking the Secret

Level : 40

Zone : Runic Descent

Start : Brother Damon

End : Brother Damon

Choose one of these rewards :
 Spiritbound Chain Hauberk
 Diamond Thread Robe
 Ghost Walker Tunic
 Soul Etched Plate Cuirass

Notoriety :
+250 The Runeguard

Money : 33 60

XP : 7920

Cracking the Secret

Brother Damon asks that you destroy the spirits within the Rune Vessels scattered around Runic Descent.
  • Defeat Rune Cracked Spirits


Alsbeth has desecrated these gardens and she seeks to uncover the secret of Dwarven rune magic. The Guardians would destroy this ancient power, which is why we must capture its secrets before they wipe it from the face of Telara. The knowledge is protected by three ancient elementals, bound to Runic Descent as deadly guard dogs. Defeat these spirits so that I can recover the secrets they protect.

Upon completion

I knew I picked the right [%CLASS] for the job, [%NAME]. With the spirits destroyed, I was able to recover the ancient etchings that will hopefully reveal the lost art of rune binding.