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Bare Knuckled: The Return

Level : 32

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Tank Dooks

End : Tank Dooks

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)
 Fighters Purse

Money : No value

XP : 2160

Bare Knuckled: The Return

Tank Dooks wants you to participate in an illegal fight and defeat the next contender. If you run outside of the ring or lose the fight, you will fail.
  • Defeat the next mystery contender


Want to keep going? I'm sure a rough and tough Ascended such as yourself could do this all day! Sign up for the next fight, [%NAME]! You'll have to defeat the next contender to prove your worth. If you're still standing after the dust settles, come back and talk to me for your reward. The crowd pays for blood, so if you run, you get nothing.

Upon completion

Not bad. Ready for more?