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Fire Shall Fall

Level : 52

Zone : Ember Isle

Start : Borrin Gammult

End : Borrin Gammult

 Spirit Infusion

Notoriety :
+450 The Farclan

Money : 33 85

XP : 0

Fire Shall Fall

Borrin Gammult wants you to learn more about the Farclan Malgams and their uses against the planar threat.


There's one more aspect to these Farclan dwarves that I haven't fully investigated yet - the Malgams. They seem to be revered as gifts from Bahralt by the locals, but we need more information. We need to get some hands-on experience with these things.

Upon completion

Hmm, perhaps these Malgams have their uses after all. For now we can accept them as merely another type of construct. We have bigger problems to deal with at the moment.