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The Brains Behind It All

Level : 28

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Start : Malfunctioning Excavator

Notoriety :
+200 Quarry Rats

Money : 11 18

XP : 2880

The Brains Behind It All

Tamper with the Construct Repair Terminals in Frayworn Rock, northwest of Scarwood Lift Base, to get the attention of the Golden Maw Engineers. Kill them once they arrive.


Destroying enemy constructs is useful, but destroying the ones who keep them running is even better. The Golden Maw use these machines to repair their damaged constructs. If you tampered with them, I bet their engineers would come running... right to the slaughter.

Upon completion

Killing the Golden Maw Engineers ought to slow down the cultists for awhile. At the very least, it'll give Defiant engineers more time to figure out their technology.