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Diary of a Hag

Level : 25

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Laria

End : Brother Jebiah

Notoriety :
+300 Gloamwood Waykeepers

Money : 9 19

XP : 2610

Diary of a Hag

Travel southwest from Tearfall Run to Deepwood Cottage and steal the Hag's Diary from the basement of the cottage. Afterwards, deliver it to Brother Jebiah in Tearfall Run.


Years ago, my sister and I lived happily in the woods. Then the Ward was breached. I fought the rifts while my sister bent them to her will. Twisted by death energy, she blamed the people of Gloamwood when I died, rather than the power of Regulos. This curse has the feel of her work, but we must learn more.

Upon completion

This Hag's Diary explains much about what has been occurring in the wood. It appears there is only one way of dealing with this evil taint, but to see it done, your conviction must be strong.