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Girded Against Death

Level : 50

Zone : Meridian

Start : Asha Catari

End : Asha Catari


Girded Against Death

Find the relics of Anan, Won Odego, Neddra, and Nyol so that they can be studied and put toward a new defeat of Regulos.
  • Assist Rahn in recovering Won Odego's relic
  • Assist Dacia in recovering Anan's relic
  • Assist Uriel in recovering Neddra's relic
  • Assist Damon in recovering Nyol's artifact
  • Assist Sylver in building the WAD


Having Corthana's spellbook in hand has me convinced that our next step might be to seek out relics from all of the individuals who crusaded against Regulos. If we had them in our hands, perhaps we could learn what exactly brought about his undoing. Ultimately, we'll need to know how to defeat his spirit and not just his body, but knowing how they killed the black dragon will help. Speak with Rahn about Won Odego, Dacia about Anan Mkhai, Brother Damon about Nyol, and Uriel about Neddra.

Upon completion

Good. Our scholars will get to work putting these together. I know Sylver is particularly excited about what you have brought him.