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The Overwatch Beckons

Level : 18

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Thelliam Bedstraw

End : Brougan Grote

Notoriety :
+50 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 2 12

XP : 660

The Overwatch Beckons

Thelliam Bedstraw wants you to deliver news of Twyl's gift to Brougan Grote in Argent Glade.


The artifact you captured in the Palisade is engraved with the name of Kongeegon - a treant demon from the Plane of Life. Our oldest tomes name him as one of Greenscale's dreaded harbingers of the wild. By the Vigil, we must act quickly! Inform Brougan Grote.

Upon completion

What's going on? Kongeegon, you say? I can hardly believe what you're telling me, yet I know it to be true. Prince Hylas must be mad to involve himself with such powerful planar magic, yet it would explain much of the Aelfwars' recent activity.